Seeing Someone??

The definition of seeing someone according to the Urban Dictionary:

‘Unofficially’ going steady with someone. Dating without the boy/girlfriend ‘label’. Is sometimes used to describe a relationship where individuals are having casual sex and are not actually an ‘item’.¬†

Long gone are the days of meeting your life partner at an elegant dinner-dance; he catches your eye across the dance floor. Your heart skips a beat. He strolls over and asks if you would care for a dance? One year later you are blissfully married in the hope of starting a family in the near future. Sounds far from the reality of our present times.

With the introduction of the Internet and mobile phones also came new dating ‘habits.’ Everyone became so readily available to us that our options suddenly became vast. Why would a man settle with just one woman when he can date Tina, Tanya and Tracey consecutively for months or even years without having to commit fully to any one of them?! Don’t be Tina, Tanya or Tracey!!!

How many of you have been ‘seeing’ someone for a lot longer than you know you should, in the hope that he would one day be ready to be in an actual real-life relationship with you???!!!

Trust me, nine times out of ten if he is not actively pursuing you to be his girlfriend after the first few dates, then he probably never will. See, truth is, it’s not that he isn’t ready to be in a relationship, he just isn’t ready to be in a relationship with YOU! Now that may sound harsh but I’m sorry ladies it’s the truth. Baring that in mind will save you a lot of time and heartache in the future, and your precious time and heart should not be wasted on Mr Jason – I’m Not Ready – Jones! (We’ll call him Mr JJ for short).¬†Every commitment-phobe guy you’ve ever known will meet that one woman that will seemingly miraculously transform Mr JJ into Mr Marriage.

Okay… So I realise things aren’t always that black and white, and yes sometimes a guy may really think you’re the bees knees but he just isn’t ready to commit at that point in his life for some reason or other. Well that’s okay. Respect that and move on. Don’t hang around accepting crumbs hoping that one day he will change his mind. By doing that you will inadvertently make him think that crumbs are all you are worth, and that you are not! You are a beautiful, strong, intelligent woman that only deserves the best! Instead, when you come to realise that the guy you are dating isn’t ready for a relationship then you can kindly decline any further romantic advances and go along with your busy and fulfilling life. That way you will gain the upmost respect from him and more importantly for YOURSELF! Who’s to say Mr JJ won’t reappear in your life further down the line when he is ready for all the things you once dreamt of having with him?! Maybe in that time you will come to realise that he really wasn’t all that. Or maybe you met the love of your life. Whichever the outcome it’s a win-win for you! Nothing was lost in the process, including your self respect!

Remember, you are special, there’s only one of you and that is your gift!

Hope you enjoyed reading,